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1st April, 2023.

As Easter, and the end of the financial year looms, spring starts to become more evident as crocuses and snowdrops are supplanted by daffodils and blossom; even the bollards in the Market Place have become dressed overall in a seasonal offering of knitted nonsense!

As nonsense goes, the behaviour of some motorists ignoring the newly instituted (but temporary) one way system from the Four Lane Ends junction down Sowerby Road takes some beating.

A conversation with the Highways Department at the County Council revealed that I am one of a number of concerned citizens who have reported delinquent motorists ignoring the new arrangements.

It is only a matter of time before a collision results, or worse, someone crossing the road is hit by a vehicle coming from an unexpected direction.

If you are minded to report someone, NYCC will be glad to hear from you.

The arrangement is likely to last for a while yet, removal will be conditional on completion of improvements to the mini roundabout at the junction, not yet scheduled to start.

The coincidence of this with footpath renewal at that end of town has started a thread on one of our local on-line forums............

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