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29th April, 2023.

I am old enough to remember the last coronation, the appearance of a television set, street parties on the council estate next door to us (but not on our “thinking itself above such things” private estate!) a Tudor themed fair at school, and models of the gold state coach!

The blue and white tributes to Ukraine have been replaced by effusions of red white and blue window displays, offerings of patriotic union flag picnic paper plates and cups, and of course, by another orgy of knitting by the Thirsk Yarn Bombers!

I am not too sure about how the royal couple would react to being portrayed, however artistically, in a display at the little enclave at the Town End which has been christened “Rogues Corner”, but I expect that Queen to be Camilla will be grateful to have escaped the usual cartoonists portrayal of her royal self with a cigarette in her hand or to her lips............

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