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29th April, 2023.

On Thursday 6th April, we welcomed Judy Watker from Leeds. Her theme was "All That jazz". To illustrate this she used a range of music-related items reminiscent of the Thirties.

A trombone supported a vivid arrangement in orange, including 'Bird of Paradise' (Strelitzia) flowers. Next a sinuously curved piano 'keyboard', holding a black metal 'stave' and elegant white anthurium, carnations and gerbera.

A silver urn, accompanied by a mandolin, held a cool mixture of white lilies and carnations with delicate blue delphiniums.

Next came a period piece, an old gramophone with a majestic brass horn. Bursting from the horn was an arrangement in shades of pink, purple and blue.

The final arrangement had a base of silver mirrored mosaics, reminiscent of a ballroom 'glitter ball', holding a 'skirt ' of silver and white flowers and foliage. At the top was a silver head, wearing a 'hat' of the same - a truly glamorous finale............

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