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20th April, 2024.

My waistline is not the only thing that has been advancing with the passage of time.

A recent article in the press highlights the increase generally in the size of the cars that we drive.

Models that I remember when introduced were small and light, have swollen to the size of what we would have regarded as family saloons back then.

Not only that, but the fashion for pick up trucks with family seating, and for “sports utility vehicles” (SUVs) has meant that parking spaces are too small to accommodate them easily.

I still have a small saloon, dating back nearly twenty years, but sometimes struggle to get the door open to climb out, with a two ton behemoth beside me.

I am glad to note that last week, the North Yorkshire Council took action to implement new guidelines on the width of parking spaces in Thirsk Market Place, by repainting the white lines marking them out with a bigger space between them.

The problem is not just the width of the vehicles, they are longer, and their doors are consequently wider, and need more leeway to allow the passengers to clamber out.

Thirsk has been, so far at any rate, spared the curse of multi storey car parks, so the new problem of the excessive weight of large electric cars, caused by the heavy batteries they have to accommodate exceeding the safe loading on the floors has not hit us yet.

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