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Frustrating defeat for Thirsk Falcons’ men against Staithes Athletic...

25th February, 2023.

Last Saturday Thirsk Falcon’s Men’s team played Staithes Athletic at Sowerby Sports Village at Sowerby Gateway.

Staithes were not expecting to do well and their supporters assumed Thirsk would play hard and defeat their team from the start.

In this game, the teams were lucky in that they had linesmen as well as the referee to contend with, and an assessor observing.

Charlie Williams, for Thirsk Falcons, went off like a steam train and hit Staithes hard. Within five minutes he had scored a resounding first blow and goal.

Things were looking promising but the opposition were not giving up and tried hard to score themselves, which they did after another thirteen minutes of hard work and a lucky break form a lack of attention by Thirsk’s defenders.

This equalizer should have been a wake-up call for Thirsk, who battled away and gave their all, peppering the opposition goal area constantly with shots.

However, either the goalkeeper managed to be in the way in time, or a defender struck out a foot on the goal line and deflected every attempt in the first hal..........

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