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Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers...

17th February, 2024.

The club championship continued at the weekend with the latest race, the Thorp Perrow park run, and 41 members, almost 40% of the field of 111, completing the run, many for the first time.

The one lap course, cross country at best, had plenty of water on it - after a relatively firm start, a left turn took runners through a section where the grass was only just visible above the water, hence everyone got wet feet!

More muddy stretches followed, and where there was firm track, there were invariably pools of water at either side.

Perhaps predictably, Paul Peacock was fastest, 3rd, in 20.48 for the 5k, with Richard Grant not far behind, 4th in 20.59.

We were pleased to meet up again with Gary Wilkinson who has had to leave the club for family reasons, and he came 11th in PB 22.40. Alan Simpson 14th, had PB 22.58, Bronwyn Mayo took 23.23, Ken Wood 23.35, Rob Burn 24.32.

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