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24th February, 2024.

The volunteer-run Ritz cinema in Thirsk is promoting a one night special first Sunday in March where you can not only see some spectacular adventure films but also help raise funds for our near neighbour Herriot Hospice@The Lambert.

The Ritz has partnered with the London Mountain Film Festival (LMFF) to bring some stunning and thought provoking adventure films onto our big screen for this worthy cause.

This one-off event consists of some of the best shorts and films showcasing outdoor adventure of all types along with some simply inspiring content.

Take for instance Leo Holding taking his family on holiday, sounds simple - but if you know Leo Holding is a world class mountaineer and adventurer you won't be expecting a caravanning holiday! And it isn't! Leo & Jess take Freya (9yrs) and Jackson (5yrs) to climb Norway's national mountain via a 2,000ft big wall.

A wonderful short displaying how to share quality family time...for this family anyway.

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