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Herriot Hospice Fun Dog Show...

1st July, 2023.

In aid of the local North Yorkshire Herriot Hospice charity fund raising scheme currently being developed in Thirsk’s old Lambert hospital.

Tracey and Bill Gilbert from Thalasgair Labradors Kennels and dog trainers, organized a very well attended and successful fun dog show at Thirsk Auction Mart, Blakely lane, Sowerby, Thirsk, last Saturday amid a very warm day.

The event was sponsored by Thirsk Auction Mart, Kong Toys for pets, Millbry Hill the Country Store, and Skinners Dog Foods.

Tracy and Bill were greatly aided by Catherine and Trevor Eastern and supported by the Herriot Hospice sponsor, Dr. Rosalie Page, daughter of James Herriot, alias Alf Wight, who came along to witness the morning’s event.

Chief Judge on the day was local vet, and “The Yorkshire Vet” tv star, Peter Wright, accompanied by his wife Lin, and joined as Judge by Steve Swallows from BrecksPride Gundogs, Norfolk, Neither men were undaunted by the mammoth task ahead of them to judge a large number of fun categories and award prizes accordingly to the large number of competitors who arrived with a variety of dogs of all breeds, and possibly none, to suffer the heat and noise and probable chaos at a times................

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