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Sowerby Scouts award Martin Renton a Gallantry Award...

8th July, 2023.

Looking at the recent family and scouting photos of Sowerby and District St. George’s Day Parade in April, it is hard to see who has the more pride on the day, father Martin and his family for William Renton who has been selected to fly out to the South Korean Scouting Jamboree this July.

For whom everyone is busy raising funds to send along, or the rest of his family for parent Martin after a real life resuscitation of a seriously ill man last year.

Martin was awarded a Scouting Gallantry Award for coming to the aid and rescue of the man in Ripon.

Martin heads a keen scouting family and had driven to Ripon to buy camping gear for the Sowerby Scouts weekend district camp after work.

Noting a disturbance near Sainsbury’s around the car park he saw a man surrounded by others who had noticed his fall and subsequent failure to breathe and was struggling.

While others summoned an ambulance on blue lights but which seemed delayed, Martin, together with an elderly ex nurse maid, began CPR on the stricken man but with little immediate effect................

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