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18th June, 2022.

The Jubilee weekend is over, the cakes eaten, the songs sung, although a lot of the bunting remains up, which I think is a good thing.

It adds a cheery touch, one which we can enjoy as much as our visitors, who are beginning to arrive in numbers, but one lasting reminder that in 2022 we experienced this super-event (if I may coin a word) is the memorial seats installed in the market place and the park in Sowerby – there may be others dotted around that I have not yet sat on.

They are popular, as every time I went to photo the one in the town centre there was someone sitting on it! Eventually on Monday I politely asked two little girls in red school uniforms, presumably Thirsk Community Primary, who were enjoying their fish and chips if they would move for a moment. Mum sitting on the adjoining bench was very helpful, so thank you all........

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