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Government action means cleaner rivers for North Yorkshire ...

11th May April, 2024.

I’m pleased that Yorkshire Water is set to invest £797m in network improvements.

They have cited they “understand concerns regarding discharges to waterways from combined sewer overflows (CSOs), which can occur during periods of heavy rainfall.

Therefore, as well as significant investment underway to reduce the number of discharges from overflows, Yorkshire Water have launched a live map to increase transparency regarding the use of CSOs which can be accessed here.

I’m pleased Yorkshire Water have cited that this Government’s Storm Discharge Overflow Reduction Plan (SODRP), published in August 2022, has shaped their planning for investment in storm overflows.

This is the first Government to take steps to address storm overflows.

In August 2022, the Storm Overflows Discharge Reduction Plan was launched, setting out stringent targets to protect people and the environment, backed up by up to £60 billion capital investment, which is the largest infrastructure programme in water company history. Legally binding through the Environment Act 2021, the plan prioritizes storm overflows that could cause the most harm while balancing the impact on consumer bills.

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