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A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Shakespeare in Husthwaite ...

11th May April, 2024.

Live theatre really is something special, life-enhancing even, especially when it works. But it’s a famously risky business fraught with pitfalls.

With Shakespeare I’m thinking about 400 year old language that’s difficult to make sense of, complicated plots, plays that involve magic and fairies, all written for a world that disappeared long ago.

Maybe it didn’t.

We still go to the theatre in a village to be wrapped up in a good story, to become involved in a plot and be really interested to see how it works out.

And in the best drama there’s a bit of a light shone on what it’s really like to be human with all its weaknesses and bravery.

So this Husthwaite version of “The Dream” was a triumph in all kinds of ways. I had a terrific evening. Let me say why.

This is a play we think we know but probably don’t. For the first time, I understood what was happening and became engrossed in it. That’s no mean feat to make Shakespeare understandable and to take a modern audience along with you.

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