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Thirsk Falcons Men meet Kader in fierce game ...

26th November, 2022.

Last Saturday Thirsk Falcons Men’s team hosted Kader Men’s team at Sowerby Gateway again at their 3 G pitch, which was flood lit on a dull and damp day.

Both teams played as they if intended to win and gave little quarter, in a hectic match of enjoyable and skilled football.

It was Kader which scored first, after eight minutes, and gave Thirsk trouble in a scramble to defend at close quarters.

However, a very determined Josh Boynton equalized for Thirsk Falcons a minute later from a superb strike after a charge down the centre of the pitch.

Amid noisy and suspect tackles and appeals, which kept the very capable referee and lines people busy all afternoon, the game continued at reckless pace, and neither side was giving way.

There were close calls and superb defensive blocking from goalkeepers and defenders alike at both ends for the first half in an excellent spectator game.

Once more, it was Kader which gained the upper hand before half time, with another goal twenty five minutes in.........

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