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Talking Thirsk - GMT...

4th November, 2023.

The clocks fall back, and the rain continues to fall.

This time, it has come east of the town, and the Cod Beck is in spate, with the approach to the Blakey Bridge flooded (and rising).

Thirsk itself tends to be in a rain shadow from both east and west, but it has not escaped this time.

The worst inundation I can recall brought water to the edge of the Market Place, with Finkel Street impassible, as was the Blakey Bridge on that occasion.

The pictures of areas worst affected by the current rains all feature houses that are self evidently recently built, and probably on areas of land that form part of the flood plains of various rivers.

The best guide to where to pitch your tent to avoid flooding is probably the Doomsday Book...

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