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Flower Essence with Rose Morley ...

7th October, 2023.


There are so many flower essences that can be used to help us get through the difficult times, read my blog below on just a few of the remedies I used.

Being made redundant is never a nice thing. Getting told that due to restructuring that your position is no longer needed, the shock of it all can be very unsettling and worrying, so how about I throw in that I was also about to be made homeless at the same time!

All kind of things spring to mind, anger, fear and perhaps resentment. You need to keep calm and focused, and still maintain that dignity that's also needed.

Thistle was the first flower essence that I went for, this helped me to stay calm and give me the inner strength to get through the first few days, it is also in the "First Aid combination" and helped me to think clearly.

All kinds of things popped into my head, what am I going to do for work? How on earth am I going to be able to find a new job in the current climate?

For the next few nights I didn't really sleep for all the worry and anxiety that I had, so I then went for the "Sweet dreams" combination that contains "Scottish Primrose", a great flower to help with the stress and trauma that has been thrown upon you, this can also help to give you inner peace and harmony as well as help with the aftermath of shock...

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