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Life after Fossil Fuels, living well with less ...

14th October, 2023.

Thirsk Town hall saw a good turnout of interested support last Friday evening to hear Rev. Dr. John Daniels, a former PHD in Physical Oceanography and who has written articles on cultural impasse arising from the longstanding ecological crisis.

His talk was introduced by Adrian Botwright, chair of the Thirsk Churches Eco Group, which is trying to raise the profile of ecological changes and problem solving. The event was sponsored by the Montgomery Trust.

Outlining the historical usage of fuel sources form pre-Stone Age up to the present day, our lecturer explained the fuel demands and availability of fossil fuels we get from our Sun’s energy source, which provides everything available to us for our own use, and all plant and animal life on this planet.

As long as we maintained the pre-industrial age demands of limited European and Asian industrial and domestic requirements, we were using less than the planet could provide.

However, when we entered the Industrial Age, in the eighteenth and then nineteenth centuries, our usage of fossil fuels eventually skyrocketed, and our demand for their uses increased dramatically...

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