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Solo female ‘masked’ swimmer, Jasmine Harrison, reaches Scotland on her The Full Length of swimming Britain challenge...

10th September, 2022.

Jasmine Harrison, solo Atlantic rower, has now reached Scotland on her new 900 miles swimming challenge The Full Length of Britain from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

She is due to arrive in Oban on 31st August and is on target to complete the swim for the end of September having started on 1st July.

Since leaving Wales Jasmine has tackled challenging swims around the Isle of Man including the strong and ever changing currents of the Sound of the Calf of Man, the difficult conditions from the Isle of Man to the North Channel which involved crossing ferry lanes and finding herself swimming alongside a basking shark.

Jellyfish are now very common, and the stings painful and distracting with the after-effects lasting several days from each sting (Image Credits: The Full Lengther/Jasmine Harrison).........

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