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24th September, 2022.

It is done. The Queen who reigned for so long and so well has been laid to rest beside her beloved husband Philip.

It has been a long farewell, a time for absorbing the many emotions that began with that ominous announcement on a Thursday that the Queen’s health was giving concern.

We have followed the events, both formal and personal, that have gone into the passing of the monarch and the succession of HM King George III, step by step – and there have been so many steps, both physical marching and the stages in the long goodbye.

This brought the nation together as nothing else could, and many, many have shown their feelings and respect both locally and in London and Windsor. Grief is love in the context of death.

Thirsk’s special tribute, apart from special services in our churches, took place on Sunday evening at the clock in the town centre, quickly but carefully arranged, in this case by Churches Together, and led by their Chair, Major Ian Haylett of the Salvation Army, supported by the Thirsk Royal British Legion Band and the Thirsk branch of the Legion.

On my count, over 200 people of all ages came together, calm and solemn, to observe the national minute’s silence.........

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